File General Terms and Conditions


Overview: An HK company/legal entity may file General Terms and Conditions with the HK Trade Register.

Main specifications:

  • In cases where you cannot hand your General Terms and Conditions to the customer, for example when engaged in distance selling. This will allow your customer to request and read them
  • In case of any doubts, and to serve as evidence. This will prevent the discussion from arising regarding which General Terms and Conditions applied at the moment the agreement was concluded

Purpose: File General Terms and Conditions of a company/legal entity

Registering authority: the HK Trade Register

Term of registration: 2-3 working days

Personal presence: Not required

Conditions for registration:

  • The decision of the board of directors to file General Terms and Conditions of a company/legal entity
  • For each set of General Terms and Conditions and for each translation of these, a separate document must be submitted (if you have general terms and conditions regarding purchases which are different than those for sales, you will have to submit two documents)

Required documents:

  • General Terms and Conditions


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