• Business Credit Report

    Business Credit Report contains the corporate information and financial analyses of a company including summary, company profile, credit scores, financial information, payment behavior, company structure, exceptional events, etc.

  • Business Registration Certificate

    Business Registration Certificate – official corporate document reflecting the basic information on the company/legal entity.

  • Business Valuation Report

    Business Valuation Report is a comprehensive document that provides an assessment of the economic value of a business entity. It is prepared by financial analysts and professional valuation experts and…

  • Certificate of Good Conduct for Legal Entities

    Certificate of Good Conduct for Legal Entities – official document confirming that the company/legal entity has no pending trials with the official authorities of Hong Kong and that the company…

  • Certificate of Good Standing

    Certificate of Good Standing – detailed certified report describing the results of the performed due diligence of a company/legal entity via the compliance databases, European Union Sanctions Lists, United States…

  • Certificate of Incorporation

    Certificate of Incorporation – official corporate document that affirms the company’s formation.

  • Certificate of Incumbency

    Certificate of Incumbency – official corporate document which lists the authorized signatories of the company/legal entity (e.g. directors, company secretaries, authorized representatives, etc.) and confirms their powers of representation of a…

  • Certificate of Tax Behavior

    Certificate of Tax Behavior – official certificate that confirms whether a company/legal entity has (not) complied with HK tax obligations, such as payment of outstanding taxes, social insurance, and social…

  • Certificate of Tax Residence

    CCertificate of Tax Residence – official document confirming that a company/legal entity is a tax resident of Hong Kong. The certificate is issued by the HK Tax Authority and serves…

  • Certified True Copy

    Certified True Copy – official certified copy of the original document.

  • Change Company Name

    The legal name of a company/legal entity may be changed at any time, subject to the prior decision of the meeting of the owners (e.g. shareholders, members). The change of…

  • Change Registered Office Address/Business Address

    The registered office address (or business address) may be changed at any time. The registered office address/business address must be the actual place of business of the company/legal entity.