• Remove (dismiss) a Director

    An HK company/legal entity may remove the director at any time. However, a company/legal entity must always have at least one director.

  • Remove (dismiss) an Attorney/Authorized Representative

    An HK company/legal entity may remove its Attorney/Authorized Representative(s) at any time if so decided.

  • Remove (dismiss) Secretary

    An HK company/legal entity may remove its Secretary at any time if so decided.

  • Remove Beneficiary

    An HK company/legal entity must deregister those who are no longer Beneficiaries in the HK Trade Register.

  • Resolution

    Resolution – official written record of any actions and/or decisions, taken by shareholders or directors outside the meeting.

  • Restoration of a Company/Legal Entity

    А company/legal entity that has been liquidated in the HK Trade Register within the last 6 years can be restored using the Restoration procedure.

  • Share Certificate

    Share Certificate – official corporate document reflecting the details of a shareholder and the shares held in the capital.

  • Signature Verification/Legalization

    Signature Verification/Legalization – official certification of authenticity of a signature of a natural person on a document.

  • Society Registration

    Society is an organization of two or more individuals persuading a mutual objective (e.g. participation in sports competitions, improving the neighborhood, maintaining the real estate, etc.).

  • Sole Proprietorship Registration

    Sole Proprietorship – is the most basic legal form to operate a business for an individual entrepreneur without forming a legal entity.

  • Transfer of Shares (ownership)

    A shareholder in an HK private/public company may transfer its shares to another legal entity or individual at any time. Shares must be transferred for a fair price.

  • UBO Declaration

    UBO Declaration – official statement of a company/legal entity confirming the identity of the ultimate beneficiary owner of a company/legal entity, its residential address, and the percentage interest the ultimate…